Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Taste Of Heaven in Henderson Las Vegas

I’ve been hearing about the Ice Cream and Milkshakes shop in Henderson Las Vegas called Sticks and Shakes. I’ve been seeing photos from my friends all over instagram and I’ve been curious ever since. So one boring day with my Bae, we decided to try it out since we don’t have anything to do anyway.

We head out and drove about an hour to get there, and poof! The place is somewhat semi-crowded. We have no idea what to order since we just came there for the first time. I ordered one of the best sellers called Chocolate Dreams and Bae got a mixture of Nutella + Oreo + Pop Rocks and Strawberry Sauce.

My order was heaven! It really drove me to the Chocolate Dreams! Lol. It was so delicious, no wonder it’s in the best sellers list. I’m pretty sure there are more delicious mixtures in the shop and I would definitely try to find out the best combination.

Bae’s order is surprisingly delicious too! His tastes are weird, I was even doubtful he’d enjoy his choice since it doesn’t look appetizing just by hearing it, but when I tasted it, as I said, it’s surprisingly delicious! The mixture was somewhat complimented each other. Not too sweet and amazingly balanced. Bae also loved it and he said he wants to go back again the next day, lol. We can’t do it since we both have commitments the next day.

I’m planning to visit it again next week, too bad Bae’s out of town because of work. I’ll just tease him about it. Lol. Check out the menu of this Desserts Las Vegas in the picture below.