Friday, March 16, 2018

Lady Foot Locker Coupon & Promo Codes March 2018

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Friday, August 14, 2015

Jewelry Room Review

As I am about to be 30 years old in a few months.I have spent days of searching the internet so I could find the right ring, and luckily for me after 3 days, I have found the right one! I knew it was the best diamond ring for me. But the thing is, I found it at Jewelry Room.

Jewelry Room is a jewelry auction which has been in the business for over a decade now. They have been actively involved in different auctions since 1999. They have already dealt with UBid, Auction Riots, Overstock, etc. After some time of dealing with different auction over the years, they decided to cater their auction service through their own website. The main goal of their business according to their website is to bring the people greater variety of quality merchandise at an affordable price level.

True to their promise, their merchandises are very affordable. I found the best ring being auctioned at their website for only $450! Imagine that! I could own my dream diamond ring for only $450. But I have a little tiny problem, I have been doing some online shopping before but I have never done online auctions. This made me hesitant at first to be honest, however, I feel like it’s not huge of a deal to do it for the first time and I really want the diamond ring so bad. I was a little discouraged at first that I had to fight for my dream ring, but I realized the challenge was a good thing because I will feel the victory at the end of the purchase, which will make the diamond ring more valuable than it already is.

Since I was really determined, I began reading through the website and checked everything. I read all the terms on their website, I read everything from About Us to their Privacy Policy. Since I am still a little confused and still hesitant to try this auction thing on the internet, I just decided to contact Jewelry Room’s helpdesk. Good thing that at the time, their Chat Support was online so I decided to talk to them so I can calm down and bid for the diamond ring. So I chatted up with someone named Amanda and she was really nice, she was a delight. I even want to be friends with her after the chat. She explained everything to me, she explained the step by step procedure. The way she explained it made everything so easy for me. So after the chat, I immediately bid for the ring, the ring has currently 2 bids and the highest bid is at $490. Since I am a cheapskate, I pushed my luck and bid $495 to it. Crossing my fingers and I kept checking the website for the current bids, hoping that no one will bid any further. And guess what? My bid won! I was really lucky that no one bid higher! I won the bid last Friday and Jewelry Room sent the ring on Monday and now, I am a happy owner of a white gold diamond ring! It arrived this morning and I can’t believe how fast the shipping and the transaction was. I still cannot believe that I finally own my dream diamond ring! Kudos to you Jewelry Room! Thank you for making my dream come true!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Taste Of Heaven in Henderson Las Vegas

I’ve been hearing about the Ice Cream and Milkshakes shop in Henderson Las Vegas called Sticks and Shakes. I’ve been seeing photos from my friends all over instagram and I’ve been curious ever since. So one boring day with my Bae, we decided to try it out since we don’t have anything to do anyway.

We head out and drove about an hour to get there, and poof! The place is somewhat semi-crowded. We have no idea what to order since we just came there for the first time. I ordered one of the best sellers called Chocolate Dreams and Bae got a mixture of Nutella + Oreo + Pop Rocks and Strawberry Sauce.

My order was heaven! It really drove me to the Chocolate Dreams! Lol. It was so delicious, no wonder it’s in the best sellers list. I’m pretty sure there are more delicious mixtures in the shop and I would definitely try to find out the best combination.

Bae’s order is surprisingly delicious too! His tastes are weird, I was even doubtful he’d enjoy his choice since it doesn’t look appetizing just by hearing it, but when I tasted it, as I said, it’s surprisingly delicious! The mixture was somewhat complimented each other. Not too sweet and amazingly balanced. Bae also loved it and he said he wants to go back again the next day, lol. We can’t do it since we both have commitments the next day.

I’m planning to visit it again next week, too bad Bae’s out of town because of work. I’ll just tease him about it. Lol. Check out the menu of this Desserts Las Vegas in the picture below.